The Story Behind

Hi, a huge welcome to our website, my name is Jason which is the chief designer of RFGVAPE 2+1 RDA, I start using vape product since the year 2012, still remember at that time it only had some tiny vape production gadget which was vape stick, Ego-T series, and some mech mod. When times goes by, vape company start to produce some kind of big stuff, first is Aspire Nautilus, then come with a huge bang Kanger Subox, following by IPV stuff and Snow Wolf. From this long year of vaping, we have accumulated a kind of vaping sense and experience which brought us here to design our first RDA. We spend around 5 months from scratch to the final releasing product, it takes us a lot of tough time and investment to make it, also thanks to our team, without their sacrifice nothing will be accomplished. We hope this RDA has created some value to our customer and vape community. Thanks...

Airflow Design:

From the beginning of this prototype, we have set 3 type of airflow ring design on this RDA which is 4 port,3 port, and 2 port venting. We found out the triangular shape of airflow ring perform the best in flavor and vape production. We were tested over 14 types of different coils and mesh setting (maybe more) which the result printed on our user manual. Maybe some of the people will think why it was 3 airflow because we do it base on the result we get on the real thing. For most of the people including me will consider 2 port or 4 port airflow in the beginning, after a series of the meeting we decided why we don’t just try out something out of the box, let see what happen in the prototype. Oh my gosh, the proven result shows us the triangular airflow design is so much better than those other two. Was it be able to call “breakthrough” design airflow? We do test it out side by side with others competitor RDAs and we found out the 2+1 RDA flavor output is outrun most so-called trended RDA on the market. In my mind I always think the triangular shape item is something mysterious, used to think Egyptians Pyramid, Bermuda Triangle, Ancient sundials, Dollar bill the secret triangle sign of Freemason logo, Wankel rotary engine(which pump out huge power with tiny capacity) and many……………..So maybe this was the reason behind why this RDA work better with triangular airflow design which was hasn’t been done before by other manufacture.

Slightly Tight Of Bottom Airflow Ring:

We use to count the resin expansion rate when it gets hot (it expansion a lot faster than traditional stainless), so we decide to use much thicker o-ring, size is 15*1.2mm on the deck meanwhile the chimney we use thinner o-ring 16*1mm. Another purpose for the thicker o-ring is making sure bottom airflow ring is firm holding when we unplug the chimney for a refill. If you don’t like the tight feel, please swap out with thinner o-ring, it was included in the baggy. 4pcs spare each size.


We try to produce something which is low in price since the resin fail rates is very high which we need to spare 15-20pcs to fail in machining and finishing step(out of 100pcs). We also did a few changes (testing) in the resin material with added in some other materials to make sure it can withstand high temp without deforming. Consider what has been made to the price point, I can say it was reasonably low in price. Meanwhile, for the Flavor Puzzle Kit, it was definitely in the low price range. Keep in mind the piston squonk cap alone will require a ton of machining work and manpower to make it. Go ask your friend who is working in the machining line, how much the cost to produce this type of squonk cap.

We always keep our mind opened to receive feedback from our vape community and improve which is leave. Huge thanks for the customer who is brought our product and supporting us so far. We do provide 90 days warranty in term of after-sales services.

Wish you have a nice day and keep on vaping.

Thanks for your support,

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Chief Designer of RFGVAPE 2+1 RDA
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