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About Real Fog Gadget RFG

A huge welcome to visit our website, our company was founded in the year 2017, since then we already starting our R&D into the vape gadget which will bring surprises, innovative, value, and quality product to our valued customer.

RFG which stand for Real Fog Gadget the name is inspired by our mission to produce a kind of vape instrument which is user-friendly, innovative, cost-effectiveness, precision, and high quality. Although we are a young company in this specific industrial we have a ton of talent which we hired from overseas and inland have a good year of experience in vape industrial. One of our chief designer Jason was hire from overseas and have 8 full years of experience in vape industrial and design. Since there is so much great ideal out there, we encourage partnership worldwide. If you have any great ideal which born from the much unsleepable night, we urge to hear from you, do not hesitate to contact us at info@rfgvape.com.We will make your precious ideal become realistic.

Wish you all have a nice vaping day with :)

Our Slogan:

Make Vaping Cool Again!!!