Jai Haze is a YouTube Reviewer with over 160K followers[1] and owner of VapeL1fe from Edison, New Jersey.[2]

Jai opened his first vape shop in 2014 in Edison, NJ. He has been reviewing vape products on his Youtube channel since 2014. Jai's motto, "I've kept it real," refers to his review style. His videos provide followers with feedback on the products he's sent or purchased for the purpose of the review from manufacturers. Vape products he reviews include atomizers, rebuildable atomizer tanks, regulated box mods, mechanical mods, and "squonk" mods. Jai uses a 0-10 scale to rate products, with consideration given to build-quality, performance, and aesthetics. Jai employs comedy during his reviews, using quips and 90's pop-culture references.

Jai has a strong presence on social media, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram. His YouTube channel is organized with playlists containing categories such as "Rating: High/Medium/Low" and "Safety Concerns", providing new vapers with information on products and standards of practice when just getting into vaping. He hosts a live show with other reviewers called "Inside the Minds" that allows fans to ask questions and interact with Jai and his YouTube peers.

Jai administers a Facebook group titled "Wicks & Coils," an online community that allows vapers to exchange ideas, ask opinions, seek help, or show off their latest setup.https://www.facebook.com/groups/wicksandcoils/

Jai is an advocate for vaping, speaking to News 12, New Jersey in 2017 on legislation that would ban most flavors for e-liquid, [3] [4] [5] and more recently, soliciting letters and signatures against the 75% "Vape Tax" currently proposed by NJ Legislature. [6]

Jai studied Information Systems and Technology at Rutgers University. Before that, Jai served in the US Army as a Military Policeman for 10 years. He was also deployed to Iraq during the initial stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003/2004


The Jenna Rda is designed by Jai Haze and Manufactured by Ravens Moon Vapor, the same company that manufactured Jais first Rda the 502.  The Jenna is a 22mm bf Rda was created for single coils but can also do dual coil builds, best builds for this is .4ohm to 1.0ohm+, if you use all kanthal it won’t be hard to get that kind of resistance.  The name Jenna was Jai’s Mothers name, so even if you hate the Jenna after using it please be respectful of the name. The Jenna is constructed of Stainless Steel and Ultum and Everything was Designed, Machined and put together in the USA.  It is only available in Stainless Steel to begin with, there may be other color renditions after the first few batches but it isn’t yet confirmed. Sorry, guys no crazy boxes this time ;)

Ultum Inserts

How to Install Inserts:
If you look into the stainless cap with no insert or drip tip you will see the Delrin air control and you will also see about a 3-4mm groove dipping into the top cap to the left of one of the airflow ports, that dip is where the ultum insert goes to stay in place.  Now on the ultum inserts, you will see one side has a concave circle and the other side has a concave oval. The circle side faces up towards your drip tip and the oval face your coil. On the side with the circular dome along the top, you will see a lip with a dot carved into it, the spot with the dot carved into it goes in that dip in the top cap.  It may take a few tries to get it right at first, to get it back out I recommend using your wire cutters handle, on most wire cutters the handles are coated in rubber which is great for pushing out the insert without marking or breaking it. Only use this method for getting it out not putting it in so if it is off and you are pushing it too hard it has the possibility to break, it shouldn't but excess force could break it.  Lubricating the O-rings of the inserts makes it significantly easier to install and remove them. If the insert is not in line with where it is soposto be push it out and try again. If you have the insert in and it is off by a millimeter or so you can turn the insert inside the cap with putting your thumb and forefinger into the oval part of the insert and rotate your fingers like you are turning a key to open a door in the direction it needs to be, once it is in you will know, it is impossible to see the stainless of the cap above the insert if correctly installed, sits flush with the top of the cap.  

Once you have the insert in that you like you really don't have to take it out again.  The insert rests completely on the deck so keep that in mind when installing your coils.  You can use the Jenna without the inserts but it’s significantly less flavor because the airflow is not precise or direct.

To see how the insert sits on the deck you can place one directly on the deck to see how it works.

Open Insert:  The open insert is for dripping directly through the drip tip or squonking.  The slit also lets you get a small amount of spit back that a lot of people enjoy while vaping.  When inhaling the air travels into the ports, goes about halfway around the outer wall of the dripper then down to hit you coil on either side then it travels up through the center slit, this insert is targeted towards direct lung vaping.  The top of the insert is domed in a circular shape so when you drip your juice it travels down easily and condensation will travel back down to your coil rather than getting stuck on the insert.

Closed Insert: The closed insert is mainly used for squonking and no spit back since you can’t see your coil.  You can take your cap off and drip and put the cap back on like any other dripper with the added benefit of no spit back.  When inhaling the air travels into both of the ports, goes about halfway around the outer wall of the dripper then down to hit you coil on one side then it comes up through one slit that is off to the side that you can see through the drip tip.  This insert is more restrictive and if you adjust the airflow to halfway with this insert it becomes MTL. Also since the Airflow is coming in on one side you can do a “dragon coil” style build where the cotton surrounds the coil and the air will travel directly through it while the base and insert holds the cotton in place.  This insert also has a concave circle and the dot engraved on the top and a concave oval on the bottom side. The circle will help with the condensation or you can even drip if you really want to and tilt the Jenna to the side with the open slit (looking down into the drip tip) and anything in that section will go onto your coil/inside of the top cap.

Top Cap:  When putting on the Top cap push down and turn and you will feel it go down onto the deck and become flush with the bottom of the Jenna.  Inside the top cap is your delrin airflow control that you can adjust with your 810 drip tip. There is a spot on the bottom of the deck for an O-ring to help with preventing scratches on your mod and to prevent the juice from seeping into your 510 area.  (It is the O-ring by itself in a baggy) You don't have to use it, it is there if you want to use it though. The bottom O-ring may get stuck to your mod if you don't put a very little bit of juice on the O-ring so it won't get caught.  

Drip Tip: This drip tip was specifically created for the Jenna to be flush with the edge but any 810 Drip tip will work with the airflow control, if it isn't working it is because the O-ring for the drip tip is too wet, it works the best when both the O-ring and the drip tip are dry.

Base/Screws: The Screws for your leads are made to stay inside the deck when you are doing your coils so you don’t lose them if you would like to get to the lead screws you have to disassemble your base.  To disassemble the base just unscrew the squonk grub screw(hex key for it in baggy and same size as the one in the 502), next unscrew your pin (standard size you have one somewhere) and now you can take the insert and the positive post out and you will be able to swap out your screws.  You get extra post screws, extra squonk screw, 2 hex keys (one for post screws and one for the squonk grub screw) and O-rings.

To Purchase: https://vapel1fe.com/products/jenna-rda?variant=16578510487650
For More Information Kindly Visit: https://rfgvape.com/

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