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Jenna RDA!
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Say what you want about Haze's reviews (i think he's funny), but this atty looks extremely innovative and interesting.

the way that single-sided airflow ultem bit works looks really awesome to force all the air across the coil!

against my usual tendency to NOT spend big$ on atties (with the exception of a goon, reload X and a hadaly) I am mighty tempted to get one if it comes in black.

anyone else impressed?

Edit: I keep getting replies that seem to me to be thinking I’m some haze fanboy. I’m not. So stop with that shit.

Here's a simple test. Ask yourself, would you buy this exact same RDA, Ultem inserts, 810 drip tip and all, for 90$ if it was designed by Wotofo or some other Chinese company and didn't have Jai's name attached to it?

Honestly, would you? I sure as hell wouldn't.

If Jai didn't design this thing and it was sent to him for a review, what do you think he'd do with it? How would he really rate it? Would he praise the Ultem inserts, the similarity of size and shape to the Skyfall, the 810 drip tip, the busy and overcomplicated design or would he take a hammer to it and call it a ripoff of the Skyfall done horribly wrong?

If Jai's mom wasn't named Jenna, and if Jai's stage name wasn't "Haze", do you think Jai would casually state the drippers name in his review or would he do an entire bit making fun of the name and call it the Jenna Haze Pornstar RDA? He certainly doesn't seem to have a problem tearing other people's products to shreds in front of his Hazers.

And the most cringy thing here is that Jai claims that the Jenna RDA is, and I quote, "the greatest RDA ever made".

We'll see what reviewers and users have to say about that claim. Certainly wasn't the case with the 502.

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Yea, you went from U.S. manufacturing to Chinese manufacturing...like read what you type, or just be real and say you don't like Jai period. It's obvious you have resentment toward his opinions, but once again it doesn't matter if he would love or hate it if he didn't make it, it's his opinion either way.

P.S. I've watched a lot of Vape reviewers and reviews in general, but I've never heard Jai Haze or anyone save like 1 or 2 people on 1 item say "its too complex" I've heard "it is not for beginners" lol never "This sucks its too hard to use" like you just made shit up and really its just all because you don't like the guy.

You legit did what you were bitching about to the t.

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hadaly is god-1 points·10 months ago·edited 9 months ago

From China no, that’d be a jonesing ripoff. From our manufacturer most likely. Shit, I may just wait for the Chinese clones.

I really don’t give a shit what he’d do if it were someone else’s. I’m not some idiot fanboy hazer.

It looks interesting and certainly innovative especially the chamber reducing insert bit. And nothing at all like the sky fall.

Why are you reacting like that in the first place? Did he steal yer girl?

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I would never buy an RDA from a guy that can’t even wick an RDA. On top of it, his previous release was a total dumpster fire and probably one of the worst releases I’ve seen next to Morten’s crap. A $90 RDA from someone that can’t design, can’t wick, smashes things he doesn’t like with a hammer and causes/chases more drama than a valley girl seems to like it’ll exhibit its creator’s defining characteristic: being absolute trash.

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Can you explain why his building skills are bad?

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totally a nice guy12 points·10 months ago

I'm sorry but I think it looks really dumb. Like literally the outside of it looks super generic/ugly, which I know he says is "high end" but IMO, it's not. My Haku Cruiser and Venna, AirLab, and Basic 1.1 do not look as generic as this. Literally, every other high-end squonking atty looks better and more unique than this. In my opinion, the plastic "lip protector" part makes it look cheap, frankly.

Also the 810 drip tip... there's a reason that the other high-end stuff doesn't use 810s, it's because they just provide too much airflow from the inner diameter of the tip, and they look funny on small 22mm atties. 510s are pretty universally accepted as the tips to use for flavor. You can find 510 tips that have wide mouth pieces like the tip that came with my Haku cap from Never Normal. I guess the airflow adjustment is kind of cool but seems more like "innovation for innovation's sake" rather than something that is actually going to improve the vaping experience.

I also think the ultem inserts are pretty lame. The "anti-spit back" insert seems stupid , it'll probably just make things turbulent and I highly prefer to get airflow from both sides with that symmetrical pull. Plus he even said he doesn't prefer that one, and just prefers the regular dual-sided. Speaking of the dual-sided insert... what's the point? He even admits its a "pain in the ass" to insert. Is heat-resistance really that important that you want to risk melting vaping ultem and over-complicating your atty? That's the only advantage I can think of to using an insert instead of just making the chamber smaller using the cap. And where exactly is that heat going? Don't the laws of thermodynamics or whatnot say that the heat has to go somewhere? Guess it just stays in the deck...

Lastly that "sub-ohm" style coil placement... just... why would he advertise that? You could do that with plenty of single-coil atomizers (Recurve, Nudge, Citadel, etc.) but in my estimation, there's a reason that people don't do it. It just doesn't make any sense. Looks like he was making a nest for a baby mouse rather than wicking an atty.

All in all, I think it looks pretty generic, and feel that the "innovation" in it serves no purpose other than to stoke his egotistical over-confidence in his intelligence. Almost every video of his I watch includes at least one thing that could probably be posted to r/iamverysmart and/or r/boneappletea. I know I'm venturing into the area of just hating on him with this last part and I'll probably get a ton of downvotes from #Hazers, but that's alright. It's just my opinion.

Edit: Forgot to mention his rating on his device is just laughable. He's docked plenty of atties more points for having minor inconveniences or ultem rings that "WILL melt" but then only takes .2-.3 off of his rating for the insert difficulty, and doesn't even mention having ultem in the chamber next to your coils? Come on dude, where's the consistency? That's how we "keep it real" these days I guess.

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hadaly is god1 point·10 months ago

Wow. You don’t like it I guess lol!

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on damn point. also the ultem insert feels like he was trying to one up the citadel. I think psyclone pulled it off better there do trying to figure out your ultem piece's placement.

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I cant get behind it.

He designed it to have way too much airflow, just to justify an 810. Then added ultem inserts to control the airflow. The plastic on the top cap looks cheap. That he claims is so you dont burn your lips, even though it supposedly doesnt get that hot to begin with. I will flat out guarantee you there will be people that melt/damage their inserts day one.

Notice how he says the insert blocks most spitback, even though he says he enjoys spitback? How many times has he ripped a tank because he said it spewed molten lava hot juice in his mouth?

He constantly rips on Chinese made products for whatever, then praises another company for the exact same thing when they call their product high end.

Notice that recently he puts out a stabwood mod, and suddenly all other "high end" stab mods coming out are overpriced, flawed pieces of shit?

His video on B+M vape shops and a potential e-commerce vape ban was so heavily biased towards wanting a ban for B+M to get more business. Guess who owns a B+M but has a fairly bad website?

By all means watch him for drama or comedy, but take his "opinions" with a grain of salt. That RDA is not worth 90. The 502 was not worth what it was sold for either.

I do not hate Jai or anything like that....but I will keep it real, even when he does not.

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hadaly is god3 points·10 months ago

I’m not a hazer or fanboy at all. But I don’t understand why people get so angry about him. He’s just an internet reviewer....

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He's a tool. I worked for him for a year. He'll rate something good if he carried it in the shop just to get it to sell online to his mindless drones, and his juice, lmao, it barely has any taste, and the 5-6 juices with vanilla all taste the same, and he charges $17 for a 30ml. And he made us bottle it in the back of his store, which is highly illegal. He used to tell me I vaped garbage juice because I refused to pay that much for his shit recipes. And a fun little secret for all his Hazers out there, the 'couch cotton' Mavatons, that he claims is the only cotton he uses is a lie to get it to sell on his online store, he actually uses Draco cotton.

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The Jenna seems like something he would hate. He would go to build a dual coil on it and say, “Building a dual coil is annoying, you have to finger fuck the coils and they still touch the insert!”

He would complain about installing the inserts. He would complain about the post screws being hard to remove. He would complain about the squonk pin. And he would absolutely complain about the price.

I’d pick up the Jenna if it was $30. The only way I’d buy it at $90 is if the entire vape community declares it as a legendary device and it becomes something everyone loves and talks about - but I doubt it’s as great as he says it is.

There’s no shame in having your product made in China.

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Whatever I'm Reviewing6 points·10 months ago

IDK... it's hard to watch Jai talk about his own stuff sometimes. He was just as bad with his mod, which... yes... is an absolute work of art but like... we get it dude, it's innovative. But he says it so much the word's lost all meaning to me. And I get that he's proud of his creations. He absolutely should be. It's just... Jai takes self-confidence to a cringe level sometimes...

And don't get me wrong... I'm one of those who honestly likes Jai. His reviews are entertaining and he's why I want try and save up for an authentic Taifun... he's also why I'm low-key curious about the billet box experience and what that's like. I enjoy his reviews of products he likes and yeah, I look forward to when he destroys something.

The Jenna honestly looks fascinating and I very much want to try it. I love those ultem inserts (or at least the idea of them) and I'm curious how it performs. It's obviously not built for humongous, beefy, hot coils... but it's damn beautiful. I wish there was a black one, though...

I'm also curious about his upcoming RTA. I don't know if anyone here saw his most recent live-stream, but he said something about being able to switch between RDA and RTA mode by flipping a switch? Like... I think I heard that right... is that even remotely possible? He also said that the wicking won't matter. Either way... as an RTA user myself, I'm interested in seeing what he does with his own.

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3 points·9 months ago

I can respect the top comment, Gilded ;)

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douche-flute3 points·10 months ago

After all the hype he built up around it, I fully expected it to be lame. But after seeing the video for it, I'm actually very impressed. It looks really, really good. I dunno if it'll be the "best flavor of any dripper ever made" as he says, but I'd be willing to bet it'll be damn good. I'm digging the ultem inserts. I'd pick one up, just to see how it vapes. I like the flexibility with builds.

It looks way better than I thought it would.

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hadaly is god2 points·10 months ago

me too, i thought it would be just another dripper. certainly doesn't look like it.

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I'm waiting to see what some other reviewers have to say. At the moment, I'm somewhat intrigued, but also a little underwhelmed. I think for me the biggest unanswered question is just what difference the Ultem inserts really make.

I'd really like to see more angles of the assembled piece so I could get a better grasp on how the air will flow with each of the two inserts in place.

Most of the features I expected, but the airflow is the big question for me at this point. I'm likely to order one, but I'm anxious to see how it really works for others.

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hadaly is god1 point·10 months ago

If it reduces the chamber like that mtl add more n for the B2k does it’s gotta help!

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Polar Ω Lotus RTA2 points·9 months ago

I just watched part of Jai's video on this new rda. Omg the comment section is hilarious, anyone even questioning his creation is attacked by him and about 4 other's of the same people in every comment lmao. The people who take him seriously seem like they're in a cult. Some dude mentioned the possibility of clones and people said some nasty shit, like wtf, that is a real thing lol.
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hadaly is god2 points·9 months ago

Yeah they are a little cultish. Bunch’s tools.

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I love Jai for his honesty, but the Jenna looks like something he would make fun of and smash with a hammer.

The only gripe I have with it is that he’s calling it “high end” and it looks like something you would buy on aliexpress. The only reason it’s $90 is because of those plastic inserts, which don’t look like they would give you good flavor at all. For $90, he should’ve included two different top caps with the airflow configurations built into them.

And why would you allow for a dual build when it was specifically designed for single? He said himself the dual configuration isn’t ideal.

I feel like he’s trying to appeal to too wide an audience and trying to make a high end product at the same time.

For $90, lose the inserts and include two different top caps, make the custom drip tip out of resin or something, get rid of the stupid set screw and include a real squonk screw and lose the dual coil configuration.

The Jenna is all over the place and feels uninspired. I’m not paying $90 for plastic inserts. Make it in China so people can afford it. There’s no shame in releasing a $30 dripper, at least more people would try it.

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Yupp. I became a patron so I can order from the first batch. I have a feeling it's gonna be really good. I just wish he'd stop saying innovative. Even if it is, he's said that word so many times I can't listen to him talk about it anymore

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hadaly is god3 points·10 months ago

not sure I want to shell out that much money just for the privilege to order it early lol...

I just don't get this whole patron thing.

he does that with lots of words. sometimes very incorrectly lol.

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ADV Hoarder2 points·10 months ago


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I can't wait. I'll order one the first day it's available for sure!

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hadaly is god1 point·10 months ago

I’m thinking the same.

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I like the Idea, wouldn't mind trying to get one on the second run.

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hadaly is god1 point·10 months ago

You guys gonna carry it?

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www.badazdcoils.com1 point·10 months ago

I like the inside out coil configuration!

The airflow seems a little high up for a regular single or dual coil set-up, that’s not what gives me the best experience.

Too much ultem and plastic between the coil and my mouth, I don’t want shit melting with my HOT builds.

Also it’s not near as leak proof as Jai lets on...

Why do you say it's not as leak-proof as he claims?

the way he builds it woulda melted if it is gonna!

Looks extremely nice. The inserts will make or break it, however. I wish it also did come with the “top down” squonk method the 502 had, that would have brought it home for me, and a 510 instead of an 810. The one build he put in “like a sub ohm tank” looked plain stupid, but I think he was just kind of playing around with builds.

Jai’s products have absolutely surpassed every other reviewer, besides maybe Rip’s genny (AC9) (aka the atty Smok cloned badly, and called the RSST) waaay back in the day. The 502’s squonk method still hasn’t be redone (besides the Pulse X I believe will pull liquid back, I don’t think the fugly Capstone does).

they arent necessarily ultem inserts. I know in theory they are but its not designed like how the citadel or the b2k inserts are. They are designed for tighter chambers, mtl. The chamber in the Jenna is for airflow consumption

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