Combined triple: 2 + 1 RDA from RFGVape

NOVELTIES OF THE INDUSTRY ANTON GERASIMOV RFGVape has released a 2 + 1 RDA drive. The device received a variable base on which it is possible to combine spirals and grids, as well as two sets of parts from different materials. On September 4, RFGVape presented a 2 + 1 RDA device on its website.

The main materials for the dike chose epoxy and stainless steel. The skirt and adjustment ring of the blower were realized in plastic and metal versions. The choice offered eight different color combinations. Topkpep was given high inner walls and a slot for the 810th driptip. Two were added to the set at once - epoxy in the form of a cut cone and delrin in the original flat form. The skirt was supplied with air holes and fixed motionless under the rotating ring.

On the deck are four racks and two pressure plates. They allow you to fix one or two spirals, as well as the grid, in addition, you can install everything at once. Blowing the top winding through the ring, for the bottom provide the side holes of the skirt. The walls of the base form a small reservoir for the liquid. Provided with a pin to work with skonkerov. The package includes six spirals, mesh, replaceable drip tip, two BF-pins, cotton, repair kit, instruction, additional skirt and ring. Main characteristics: Height - 40 mm Diameter - 24.8 mm One, two spirals, mesh Adjustable airflow Compatibility with skonkerov Price 2 + 1 RDA - 2 300 rubles

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