Best Vape Mods and Box Mods in 2019

Best Vape Mods and Box Mods in 2019

Vape mods use the most advanced vaping technology out of all vaping devices and e-cigarettes. They feature internal electronics loaded with many different features and safety protections so vapers can get the most out of their vape.

Box mods combine powerful, high-capacity battery sections with compatible 510-threaded tanks, either MTL or sub-ohm tanks, as well as RBAs and RDTAs. Standard mods use either single, dual or even triple 18650 cells, but other devices use a different battery altogether, like 20700 or 21700.

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The best box mods and vape mods contain advanced chipsets that can precisely read and monitor the atomizer resistance as well as control power and or temperature.

Vape mods are larger than vape pens as well as most tube mods. They have an array of additional features: variable voltage, wattage, and temperature setting.

Vapers who start with e-cigs and vape pens eventually look for something more powerful and customizable. While some vape pens offer a degree of customization, none can produce much power. This leaves vapers a bit starved for something more. For the ultimate power, customization, and vapor production, vape mods are the way to go. On this page, we are reviewing the best available vape mods.

SX Mini G Class 200W TC

Review Score: 96/100 - 
Price: $179.99
Colors: Black, Carbon, Urban, Forest, Ocean
Resistance Range: 0.15 - 3.0 Ohm
Voltage: 9.5 Volts
Buy Now:
An absolute work of art. The SX Mini G Class 200 Watt TC is one of the best box mods in the world. It is stylish, sophisticated, and infused with all of the latest vaping technology. The Mini G is for people who take vaping seriously and demand stellar performance. There are some new wrinkles here like a mini joystick control instead of up and down buttons. The fire button placement on the side is a little different, too. Most fire buttons are on the front of a mod.

The Mini G Glass has a beautiful design that integrates leather to enhance comfort and grip. The screen is gorgeous and easy to read. The number of vaping functions is too lengthy to list but suffice to say it will vape any way that you want to vape!

The advanced features make SX Mini an ideal for experienced vapers who are looking to fine-tune their vape. It is made for people that love to take control of their vape and rarely vape in power mode. Beginners might be overwhelmed by the learning curve necessary to get the most out of this mod.

Ultimately, performance is the name of the game here. The SX Mini G Class box mod is a rock star in variable power mode and a smooth jazz icon in temperature control mode. No dry hits ever. In fact, the device will let you know when it’s time to add more juice to the coil. It’s that smart.

For vapers that love to vape in TC mode and need an accurate chipset to get perfect results, then this box mod could be exactly what they are looking for. Add the fact that this is also one of the most stylish looking mods on the market, and we have a home run for discerning vapers.

The look of the mod, with the modern carbon fiber exterior, the OLED display with changeable wallpaper and the general premium design makes it stand out from the crowd.

It is worth pointing out that the manual for the SX mini is probably the most detailed and easy to understand of any of the more complicated TC mode mods that we have seen.
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Mig Vapor WTF SUB 40 Mini Box Mod

Review Score: 91/100 - 
Price Range: Kit - $89.95 | Battery Only - $39.95
Color: Red, Silver, Black
Works with: Wax and Concentrates
Vapers looking for a reliable introduction to the sub-Ohm vaping scene may find the Sub-40 vape mod battery from Mig Vapor to be a great choice. Multi-cartridge compatibility gives this battery great versatility, and the 2,200 mAh capacity offers long-lasting performance to vapers who want to vape on the go.
The Sub-40 vape mod battery from Mig Vapor provides an exciting, powerful product that’s compact and sturdy. For anyone in the market for extra power and a battery that lasts on the go, the Sub-40 box mod is an exciting addition to any vapers’ collection.

Compatible with many herbal cartridges and atomizers buyers have an extensive choice of what to vaporize. So, whether vapers need to take a break from the office, socialize with friends, or vape outside at a party, the Sub-40 is the perfect, powerful, companion in many situations. With a strong reputation for quality, Mig Vapor produces products that also consider vapers’ wallets. At an affordable price, the Sub-40 guarantees excellence in three colors – black, silver, and red – so that vapers can take a pick of the vape that most closely matches their style.
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Innokin Proton 235W Box Mod

Review Score: 83/100 - 
Price Range: Kit - $46.99
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At first glance, the Proton is good looking and sophisticated. It comes in three different colors. There is a black or grey glossy finish on black matte features for traditional vapers. There is a glossy rainbow finish on black matte features for those feeling more adventurous. This looks especially cool when vaping outdoors, and the sun hits the rainbow gloss at just the right angle.

The 1.45″ TFT Color Display Screen comes with 6 different color options to choose from. Users can pick whichever they think complements their dual 18650 battery box mod, personality, and/or mood best. The Proton also has a huge clear Scion II tank so vapers can see all of their medium. This aspect of the Proton looks cool, but it is also practical. Users will be able to see when they are running low.

On the tip of this product is an 810 wide bore tip mouthpiece that connects to a push top fitting cap. This makes removing the mouthpiece for cleaning very easy. Below the Scion II tank is the slot that controls airflow and ensures smooth hits. This is pretty small for all of the power that it punches. Its measurements are 85.4 x 44.6 x 29.6 mm (3.36 x 1.76 x 1.17 inches). It has a slim frame and is lightweight thanks to zinc alloy metals used in its production. This alloy is also known for being particularly sturdy though. Users will be able to travel knowing this puppy is safe from damage in their pocket, purse, etc.

Users can choose to vape with wattage between 6.0W and 235W. The minimum voltage of this product is 0, and the maximum is 9. Its temperature can range from 300F to 600F (150C-315C). The resistance range spreads from a low of .05 ohm to 3.5 ohms. The stainless steel 510 threading contained within the unit ensures that heating medium will always be safe and provide the perfect hit. Lastly, the Proton comes with low resistance, dual circuit, and reverse polarity protection!

Features and How To Use the Innokin Proton

The Innokin Proton 235W vape kit is very easy to use once a vaper gets the hang of it. As previously mentioned in the review, the mouthpiece is very easy to take on and off for cleaning. The dual 18650 battery mod is also a piece of cake to use though. Towards the top of the unit is a side fire panel. The side fire panels allow its users to power the product on and off with three clicks. It can also serve as a back button to return users to the product’s menu.

On the face of the product is the TFT full-color 1.45” display screen. In addition to supporting 6 different color themes, this screen conveys information. It will tell the user where the battery level is at. It can also tell the user what wattage is currently being used. Directly below that screen is a joystick controller with different abilities. Users can push it up, down, left, or right to select different things on the screen. For example, holding the joystick down allows vapers to preheat their vape. Users can also adjust their vape settings such as its coil types, temperature, and wattage. That way, vapers can get the perfect, customized hit they are searching for.

This joystick lets users lock and unlock their settings. Or, by the power button and pushing the joystick left, users can access the 2nd screen. This Proton’s screen contains information about coil resistance and battery voltage. It also has one of the coolest features about the Innokin Proton– a puff counter! Finally, right below that is a Micro USB port. This is where users can charge their vape mod.
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Vaporesso Polar 220W TC Box Mod

Review Score: 79/100 - 
Price Range: Kit - $59.90/Kit
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The Vaporesso Polar is a dual 18650 device and comes with the Cascade sub-ohm tank. The Polar features a bright, 2 inch TFT, and the OMNI 4.0 board for advanced, high-tech vaping.

The Polar vapes in seven different vaping modes. They include bypass mode and custom curve options. The OMNI 4.0 board also features an Insta-fire option that fires the device in 0.001 seconds.

A Super Player Mode also recognizes any new coil and adjusts the wattage by itself. The highest wattage output is 220W. The user interface has three buttons, for superior control and usability.
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GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W

Review Score: 75/100 - 
Price Range: Kit - $49.08/Kit
Buy Now:
The Aegis Legend box mod comes in a nice sturdy box that will protect it from damage while shipping. Additionally, the pieces that come with this box mod kit are individually fashioned as an extra layer of precaution. With a purchase of the 200W Aegis Legend starter kit, users get lots of extra goodies. The purchase of the standard package also comes the vape itself, an aero mesh sub-ohm tank, a 0.4-ohm quad coil, and a spare bubble glass tube.

Additionally, customers get a micro USB charging cable, a bag full of spare accessories, and an instruction manual. Sadly, the dual 18650 batteries the Legend unit needs are not included in the purchase. Fortunately, the instruction manual is easy to use even for first-time vapers. If a vaper wants to, they can also purchase a limited edition package of the Aegis Legend kit that comes with a special vape mod and a .15 coil as well.

The box mod comes in a huge variety of different colors. They are sure to have the perfect style of the Aegis Legend for everyone who wants to review the vape mod. The limited edition colors for the box mod include coffee, jade, and jeans.

All of these are low-key and chic. There are also some more unique ones, such as the UK flag color, Korea flag color, and two Christmas color varieties. Regular colors include some traditional ones, such as stealth black, navy blue, and silver. There are some fun ones as well, including green, orange, snakeskin, camouflage, and rainbow.


The Aegis Legend vape mod is a nice size for vapers to use. The unit’s dimensions are 90.5mm (3.6 inches) by 58.5mm (2.3 inches) by 30.6mm (1.2 inches). This is a comfortable size to hold, and it is small enough to tuck into a bag or pocket when finished. As previously mentioned, the package comes with a 0.4 coil fit for sub-ohm vaping. The minimum resistance this atomizer can still successfully function at is 0.05 ohm, which is extremely low.

The device is capable of utilizing wattages all the way from sky-high 200W down to 5W. This leaves vapers a lot of flexibility to play around with and review different wattage levels. Eventually, they will find the wattage level that is perfect for them. The wattage range on the Aegis Legend mod kit is not the only impressive range though. The temperature range is wide as well, spanning from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

One of the coolest features about the unit is its IP67 water, and dustproof system. This makes the vape box mod easier to take on the go. It is especially useful for vapers who work in a potentially dusty or wet environment. This also helps out active vapers who like to take their box mods outdoors on hikes and other excursions. Plus, the premium leather grip section on this box mod helps vapers keep it safe in their hands while working, walking, etc. Additionally, it is shockproof. This protects both the user and the Aegis Legend mod kit from any harm.

Aegis Legend’s Performance

There are lots of neat features of the Aegis Legend that increase its ability to perform after a close review. For example, built into the exterior of the box mod’s surface is a .91” intuitive OLED screen with a full-color display so vapers can review their vape info like the battery life of the dual 18650 batteries. This makes it easier for vapers to change the settings on the Legend mod.

In addition to being able to change their wattage output and the temperature at which they are vaping in, users can also put their mod in BYPASS mode, or VPC mode (for power curve adjustments). Lastly, they are able to make TCR adjustments (temperature coefficient of resistance adjustments).

The Aegis Legend’s spring-loaded 510 connection utilizes gold plating to maintain a steady and reliable vaping experience. The included quad coil can also be depended on for these characteristics. It is recommended that this 0.15 sub-ohm quad coil be used for wattages between 60 and 80. Additionally, coils can be purchased in order to vape outside of this wattage range. The Aegis Legend’s super mesh coil system keeps the coils saturated and ready to go.

The nickel, stainless steel, and titanium heating elements that are compatible with the 200W Aegis Legend all vaporize e-liquid efficiently. When the vaper is ready to begin their session, all they have to do is hit the rocker-style firing button and begin to inhale. Then, they can use the dual slotted airflow control method to adjust their vapor density. If they run out of juice, the top-fill method and Delrin Wide bore drip tip are both easy to use. The 200W Aegis Legend’s tank is 25 mm in diameter and can hold up to 4 mL of juice. The glass on it is reinforced with pyrex glass, the ideal tank glass. It is durable and will protect the tank from cracking or shattering during transport.
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Voopoo Drag Mini 117W TC Ultra Box Mod Kit

Review Score: 68/100 - 
Price Range: Kit - $57.95/Kit
Buy Now:
The Voopoo Drag Mini 117W TC Box Mod is one of the most powerful kits from Voopoo. This pocket-sized unit has a 4400 mAh battery that is good for the entire day.

It also has the updated GENE FIT that works as the CPU and offers multiple output modes and even lets users control wattage (5W -117W) and power (0.05-3.0ohms).

Users can enjoy a truly customized experience thanks to 3 FIT modes that allow users to adjust cloud, flavor, and battery. There are several buttons on the kit including firing and adjustment buttons. They are very carefully placed and make it a breeze to control the kit.
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Wismec Active 80W Vape MOD w/ Bluetooth Speaker

Review Score: 56/100 - 
Price Range: Kit - $42.68
Buy Now:
The rugged construction of the Wismec Active 80W Vape MOD with Bluetooth Speaker has everything needed to leave the house and bring the tunes with you.

Easily bring the MOD around and put tunes on if you need something to listen too while heading out. Have the ability to vape the day away with the use of a way to listen to anything, as well.

This is one of the more popular options on the market that offers a 2100 mAh rechargeable battery and 1W to 80W output, with a .5 to 9.0V output. The most high-quality vapor comes with a push of the intuitive button on the front of the MOD.

The 80 Watt vape device is one of the most powerful on the market currently, and it does great at quickly heating up the liquid and evenly sending it up through the mouthpiece of choice from mouth to lung.

Find out what the hype is about when you give this strong working, quality, stainless steel MOD to work for yourself when adding the liquid and have a good time with the connectivity to play music.
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SnowWolf MFeng 200W

Review Score: 52/100 - 
Price Range: Kit - $47.95/Kit
Buy Now:
The Sigelei SnowWolf MFeng is a dual-18650 device with a maximum power output of 200W. The box mod also comes with the Wolf sub-ohm tank that can hold up to 6ml of e-juice and comes with two sub-ohm coils.

The entire device measures 90mm (or 3.6 inches) tall, and 30mm (1.1 inches) wide. It features a zinc alloy throughout its outer chassis and has an eye-catching SnowWolf logo on its backside. The mod has a side firing switch, and two adjustment buttons on its front, along with the USB charging port.

The MFeng mod has a full-color, 1.3-inch, display that lets users take advantage of its many features. Among them, the MFeng can vape in variable wattage, TC, as well as three power modes, soft, normal and hard. It features a three-button control configuration and has a bottom-loading battery design.
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